Dear Janine,
Your beautiful photographs arrived tonight and my Mom was here as well. My husband and Mom (both unbiased, of course) thought your work was absolutely beautiful. My Mom had ordered a couple of photographs and spent most of dinner trying to decide where to display them in her house where she can enjoy them everyday.
When I talked to my Mom later tonight, she said to be sure to let you know how much she is "loving your photographs and wouldn't be happier even if she had won a million dollars." She said she has them on her refrigerator (in the plastic to protect them which made me chuckle) and keeps going by so she can enjoy them. You are giving an 86 year old wonderful woman lots of joy with your photography. Mom was an artist and has an eagle eye, so her admiration of your talent is a very high compliment.
I wanted to thank you, as I know it is an art to have such an eye as you do and the care you take to ensure the lighting, expression, etc., is just perfect. We are delighted with the photos and wanted to let you know. THANK YOU!


I've been meaning to email you for some time now! I've been thinking of you often and hope you guys are doing well.

I wanted to tell you that Louie suddenly passed away last November. He seemed fine the night before, even happily went for a walk with my mom, but he collapsed the next day and my parents found out he had an advanced stage of cancer. The vet was recommending my mom put him down, but Louie passed on his own before my mom could say good-bye. He was 10 years old.

Sorry if this is a downer--you know how much we loved Louie and it was much harder on my parents than they ever expected. We all did blog posts about him, and in looking for pictures of him, I came across the ones you did for my daughter's first birthday. You insisted on taking some of just Louie, and at the time I thought (and I think I even said) that it was odd--we weren't the "display pictures of your dog" type of people. But I'm so glad you took those pictures. We have tons of pictures of Louie running, lounging on the couch, cuddling with people, but those were the only "portraits" we had of him.

For Christmas, my parents gave a woven blanket to each of the kids who lived at home when they had Louie, including us. My daughter loved him. My mom used one of the pictures you took--it made a beautiful blanket.

I just wanted to update you and let you know how much those pictures have meant to us. Thank you! I hope you're doing well and still taking lots of pictures!




We would like to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of our baby and us. We could not be more happy. We actually cannot decide which ones we should frame and send to our family and friends because all of them are our favorite. I guess that we will have lots of family pictures at our house now. We cannot wait for the next session with you.
Take care,
Neal and Monika"


"Hi Janine,

I just wanted to thank you again for your time. We really enjoyed our photo session with you. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for accomodating our different ideas for poses. I got inspiration from your creative website albums. You have such great photos on your site.

My husband was impressed with your website, and he usually isn't a "photo" type person. So I was pleased that he also enjoyed our session with you today.

With Lily, I've been to many sessions with Picture People and other photographers and was not as pleased there as I was today at your place. She was more relaxed at your home setting nad I am glad she was able to get out some giggles to show her playful personality.

Thanks for your hospitality and your creative work. We look forward to seeing the shots!


"Janine, thanks so much for taking the time to photograph our family at Shinn Park this past December. It was early, and cold, but thanks to you, it was fun! We've received many compliments on our photos, and they will always be cherished memories for us!"
The Rodriguez Family

"Very professional, sweet, wonderful with people, especially children and pets. Janine, the owner of Weston Photography has been very generous in offering her services to various nonprofit organizations, including Furry Friends Rescue...She's genuinely a very special person who is very dedicated to her job. She puts a lot of feeling into her work and it definitely shows in her photos. I plan on utizlizing her services again! Thanks, Janine...for being so kind to your clients...and especially for your generosity in rescuing unwanted, helpless animals!"


"Janine Weston is an amazing photographer, who revels in the use of natural light to illuminate her subjects. She photographed our newborn when he was six days old and was incredibly patient. She seemed to really enjoy meeting and photographing our child and was incredibly personable and professional. Additionally, her pricing structure is very helpful, as you can purchase the photographs and their rights for less than it costs to get a few good prints from other photographers. Very nice for announcements."

"Hi Janine, Just wanted to let you know that everyone is raving about my x-mas card photo and my other doggie pictures that you took. I sure never get this reaction when I send out ones that I took myself. :) Thanks for getting the cards done so quickly."

"Janine, I just wanted to let you know I got the CD of my maternity pictures in the mail today. I LOVE THEM! They turned out so good. Great job! Thanks again for all your work."

"Janine, I need to let you know that the pictures of my babies are BEAUTIFUL. They will make an awesome X-mas gift for their human grandparents and a really cool memory for me that will last for years to come. Thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future ~ so expect to hear from me in 2009! Merry Christmas!"
Angel, Lucas and Samantha

"Janine! These are fantastic! I've never seen such beautiful pet pictures. You did a marvelous job. Thank you so much!"
Christine (and of course Denny)

"Janine, I just wanted to write you and let you know that I received the pictures of Morgan (my Pomeranian) today. I wasn't very happy with the big yellow band that she had to wear around her collar showing up in the print pictures, so I was ecstatic to see that it had been edited out...and so well done! Thank you for capturing the happy sprit of my dog. These are by far the best pictures I have of her now."

"Janine, Thank you so much for all of my beautiful pictures. My mommy and daddy love them and have gotten many compliments on them. I look forward to doing it again when I am three months old! XOXO"

Charlotte (1 week old)

"I just got the pictures from my order and wanted to say thank you. They are beautiful and I love them. My dog looks just like her self content and relaxed. Thank you again." Heidi

"Janine, The pictures look soooo great!!! I love them! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job!!!"

"Janine, Thank you so much for helping me to get my wedding album completed. I think I will really like it and know that if I don't get it all done before the baby comes it will never happen! Thanks again."

"I received Gus' pictures today--they are beautiful! Thanks so much!"

"Janine, We just want to thank you so much for taking pictures of baby Jake for us. Everyone that has seen them has complimented you on your work. I'll have to keep using you in the future and will recommend you to others. Thanks again."
Catherine & Wesley

"Janine, Thank you so much for taking my 'belly shots.' I love them! I really appreciate your talent and all the different poses we did. You have a wonderful eye for art. I can't wait for this little girl to come out so we can take some of her."

"Janine is amazing! She does a wonderful job. She was very patient with my baby and my two boys. She really knows how to capture the moment and her pictures always turn out wonderful! She is the best! I would recommend her to my family and friends."

"Our family has had Weston Photography take pictures of our little girl twice now and each time we have had a wonderful experience. Not only did the pictures turn out great, but our daughter actually had fun. We have so many photos to choose from and there isn't one that we don't like. Janine is very professional and fun at the same time. We love Janine and her family and will definitely be using her services for years to come."

"I was thrilled with the maternity pictures taken by Weston Photography. The portraits truly captured the beauty of pregnancy and the joy I felt at expecting our third child. Janine was creative, energetic and professional."

"My photos from Weston Photography have been complimented right and left. I love the way my son's every little move was captured at just the right moment to help me remember his age and stage. I also loved working with Janine, her patience and professionalism made the photo session experience a joy."

"Weston Photography has been a life-saver for me! I hate going to a traditional studio, having 12 pictures taken, and spending hundreds of dollars on prints of poses that are mediocre at best. Janine has changed the portraiture experience for my family. I have 4 children from 8 years to 4 months and Janine puts forth the effort to ensure that we get great expressions on all four kids. The personal touch of Weston Photography is immeasurable!"

"Janine, Steve and I absolutely LOVE the pictures--all of them! I will be ordering more when Steve lets me! I am still working on a favorites collection so that I know which ones I still need to get! You truly exceeded my wildest expectations with the photos! I think they are so beautiful! Everyone does! We are so lucky to have had you as our photographer! You are very talented and do impressive work! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know! Also, everyone commented on what a fabulous job you did on the slide show! People thought that was one of the most fun parts of the wedding. Thank you again for putting that together for us and our guests."

"Janine, Matt loved this second album as well. We are really pleased with the work you have done, and are very excited to have our albums. You have true talent and skill. We really appreciate it."

"Janine Weston made our family pictures relaxing and fun! She provided us with a variety of beautiful locations to choose from and was very flexible during our photo shoot. She made us all feel at ease and was accommodating when working with our 8 month old daughter. You can tell Janine’s heart is in taking photos and it shows in her attitude, her ease with people and her eye for great locations. Our pictures were wonderful and we were so excited to show everyone! We thought it was a great option to purchase our negatives on CD so we could preserve our memories in a digital format. Janine will be taking our pictures for the rest of our lives, she is truly great!"

"Janine, The pics are fabulous!! Everyone has said that they really liked you also. Thank you very much--you did a great job!

"Janine, Thank you for taking the wedding pictures! You did an amazing job and we are so happy with them!"

"Janine is very easy to work with and she made us feel at ease when taking our family picture. She was flexible about the location and the time of our appointment and had already scouted out good photo spots before we arrived. We loved the fact that Janine takes digital pictures as she posted the pictures the same day she took them and we were able to review them and order prints that night! We had many beautiful shots to choose from and are very happy with family portrait from Weston Photography."

"We love the photos, they are beautiful and you captured so much. It seems like you were everywhere at once. I love looking at them!"


"Hi Janine, Just wanted to let you know that I received the wedding photos in the post this morning and am absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you so much for your assistance and every best wish for future success."

"Our experience with Weston Photography Digital Imaging was wonderful. Janine took great care in helping us select a location, and was flexible with timing. With two young kids, it was a challenge to get both looking at the camera and smiling, but Janine was well prepared with props and was very enthusiastic! We were able to get prints in the sizes we needed and loved receiving an accompanying CD of the digital files. The end result was several beautiful photos that captured the personality of both kids. Thank you!"

"I want to thank you so much for the fabulous job you did! Many people told me what a wonderful photographer we had, and my friend Ginger, who did the flowers, asked me all about you, so I'd guess she'll be passing your name around. She thought you were the most thorough and creative/artistic of any she's seen, and she's seen quite a few!"

"Thanks so much for the fantastic photos. Everyone who has gone online has loved them all. They are exactly what I wanted. Sean and I aren't people who like to pose so the natural ones are the ones I love."

"Thank you!! I just wanted to say thank you for taking our pictures. We really appreciate you taking time out of your day for us. I look forward to sending out our Christmas cards! You are an amazing lady who I truly admire."

"Thank you so much for being so willing to take my girls' pictures! It was really fun and you were so patient! The pictures turned out so cute. Thanks again! You're wonderful!"

" Thank you so much for helping us with the photo-shoot. It was a cold windy day and I really appreciate your service. I know my family wouldn't have been cooperative without you there. Thanks so much again."